People associated with the lab for one reason or another in no particular order

David Pierre Leibovitz

David is involved with the following projects
  • Emergic Network - a computational architecture for cognition harnessing massive feedback (recurrence) and parallelism
  • Emergic Cognitive Model - a unified cognitive model (currently for visual processing) based on the Emergic Network
  • WikiSilo - a minimalist epistemology for theoretical exploration and a discipline for  progressing science
  • Emergic Metaphysics -  an analytic "process philosophy" simplified for cognition but based on modern Physics - it is the only notation that can deal with change under feedback cycles
  • Emergic Approach - an epistemology for doing science over complex dynamic systems with massive feedback and parallelism. Based on Emergic Metaphysics.
  • Wikimergic - home of the Emergic Approach, and a wiki to articulate its impact to the science of cognition
David's academic home page is at:, and he can be reach at

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